Hi All,
I just want to let you guys know that we think you guys are doing an amazing job trying to connect and provide instruction for the dancers. It is difficult trying to keep continuity for the students and I commend your efforts !! From one educator to all you educators, THANK YOU <3 <3!! The Lake’s

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much for coordinating the dancers for our Hudson Valley Walk yesterday. They did an absolutely wonderful job performing and added such a beautiful piece to the event. Please pass along my deepest gratitude to them all. If there is anything else that I can do to help, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Best Regards,

Maggy Kucera | Senior Manager, Fundraising and Special Events
The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter

Aimee used to be in private physical therapy and school physical therapy, but because of Madeline’s Dance Center and the teachers, she no longer need those services. I’m a big advocate that dance does so much more then people realize.
– Heather

Dear Elizabeth,
It’s been a whirlwind and it’s only Monday! The energy at camp is palpable and I already see the kids opening up. It’s incredible to witness. I can’t wait for each day and especially Thursday.
Separately, I Wanted to reach out to thank you for offering the dance option. I peeked in a few times and all the kids were engaged and really enjoying themselves. Despite such a wide range of backgrounds, Madeline found a way to teach them something new and bring them all together in the one thing they do have in common – their love of dance. In speaking with the girls after class, they were just as complimentary. So thank you and please pass along my heartfelt thanks to Madeline for giving our girls her time this week.
God bless,

Hi Madeline
I just wanted to text you and thank you for everything you
have done for me. The structure you gave me I will keep the rest of my
life! Oh and I am taking dance classes up here! I take an advanced
lyrical class every Thursday but advanced here is pretty easy… anyway i
miss you and the whole dance fam!
Yes of course and you know when I was a senior I didn’t realize that dance
gives you such a structure and sometimes I thought you were just tough,
but that’s how it is in everything and you prepared me so much for the
real world!

A Supportive Atmosphere
Madeline, congratulations to you as well! I was very proud of everyone from our studio. There was a noticeably supportive atmosphere and really good team spirit among the kids and parents that I observed, too. Thank you for everything!

Madeline, I need to thank you for working with me and always guiding me. I REALLY appreciate it! I know how much Arie loves to dance and it makes me so happy to see her at your school! See you tomorrow!!
Tianna Baxter

“Wonderful Experience”
Madeline, your dancers are wonderful!!!! We were so lucky to have your students performtonight. I hope you know how much of a difference you made in the Diversity Night program … It was perfect having you!!! Thank you again! And a huge thanks to your hubby, the man behind the scenes 🙂
I was watching some of the students’ faces when the dancers were performing … It was obvious some of them have never experienced the arts before, and it warmed my heart to know that we helped give them that cultural experience 🙂 yay!
Andrea Garitta
Marlboro Middle School, Special Education Teacher

Dear Madeline,
Thank you for all you have done for my child. Emily has been inspired by your students in so many ways. May she continue to be a good role model and teammate. You set the bar. May your students continue to achieve their dreams. Thank you for continually
inspiring our children to reach for the stars and dance like nobody is watching.
As you are well aware, I never saw pointe shoes in my daughter’s future. She was supposed to be in cowgirl boots and covered in horsehair. As fate would have it, she fell in love with dance and derailed my plans for her. I could not be happier about where my child is and by whom she is influenced. Madeline Bartolotti you are a great role model and teacher for Emily. Thank you for shaping my child into the beautiful dancer she is becoming. Thank you for helping me raise my daughter, because that is what you are doing. She spends more time with you than she does with me. It is fun to watch her life take a grand jete in a direction I never expected. I still have hope that she will ride into the sunset with me someday. But, my little girl will be wearing her pointe shoes.
Linda Fichera-Bartolotti

Studying dance and being part of the MDC Performing Team have helped our daughters become strong, confident young women. Many thanks to Madeline and her teaching staff for the training, the support, and the fun!
Joanne and Joe Wood

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